The Before and After of the Woodspeed Kitchen!

Well, this post has been a long time coming (as like all my blog posts), but I figure it is high time I post some of our “before” and “after” photos from our latest kitchen upgrade…you know…the one that started in February 2012! I think part of the reason I have had such a hard time posting these photos is that I had it set in my mind that I would not post any photos until the kitchen was “completely” finished…can we say “type A” personality or what?! However, it was not until today that I realized that it may be “ok” to post some  current photos…wow …what a realization that was!!

So I will just come out and say it, our kitchen is not completely finished, but I am cool with it. We still need a few more toekicks installed, an overhead vent, open cupboards need to be re-painted, trim needs to be painted, more backslash is required on oven side and the list goes on, but we are homeowners and this is our life. Things take time when you are relying on your own two hands to finish the job, but the satisfaction you get from doing the job yourself is priceless!

This was by far the biggest and most expensive project we have taken on since we moved in and we are very excited about how it is turning out. I hope you enjoy what we have accomplished so far!  I also must add that this project could not have happened without the helping hands of our patient and talented fathers. Thank you!!


This was move in day 3.5 years ago just to give you a sense of what the kitchen was like and there is Dad Wood in the background…once again…lending a helping hand!

fridge and stove

Notice the placement of the stove and fridge and the weird piece of drywall that juts out in background…they are all going to either change or disappear 🙂

above frige and stove

kitchen with funny closet at the end

kitchen full 1

kitchen full 2

ugly laminate flooring still in effect


2012-03-03 17.44.12

Change is coming…Chica just doesn’t know it yet!


hey – there is a hole in the wall!


closet removed and replaced with a high, wall cabinet from IKEA


Old sink 😦


New Sink 🙂


first IKEA cabinet we set up

 And here is Chica, still managing to sleep through the mayhem of sand-drywall-repeat!

2012-03-03 19.14.59

2012-06-28 21.33.40

More IKEA cabinets and “wasabi” countertop installed, old backsplash removed.


Our luxury item – the granite countertop! And a beautifully, framed hole in the wall so we can cook and not feel so shut off from the living space!

And here is our kitchen, as it stands today! Note the dark flooring which extends through the whole house now and the “Sunlit Arbutus” painting which helped me pull out the funky green colour I wanted for the countertops! Everyone knows I am a bit of a matchy matchy!


I love looking at my backsplash knowing I did the tiling all by myself…well Mr Speed did the cuts. It is the one job I was tempted to get a professional to do and I am so glad I didn’t! 


We went with a good ol’ laminate countertop here and a classic subway tile backsplash.




Hope you have enjoyed the tour. 



Cupboard – before and after

This was a little summer project I did and clearly it has just taken me a while to post the “before and after”! Right before I left for china I went kind of crazy buying old things that I knew I wanted “re-paint” when I got home. I am still not sure why I bought these items, maybe it was because I ran out of walls to paint? So there are still a few more things in the basement nagging at me to paint and this one was the easiest one to start with so here it is.


Cupboard Before


Cupboard After

Even though I didn’t have a real use for this piece when I bought it, it has actually filled a nice gap we had in our kitchen once we removed a cabinet to make way for our new fridge. 

This also leads me to the most exciting news on the Woodspeed home front – we are doing a major re-modelling of the kitchen…finally!! So look for the next post coming soon where you can see the before and some of the progress we are making!

Speedwoodwork will return!

I am currently off exploring the far east, Dalian, China to be exact, and have started another blog at about my travels and experiences as a Canadian high school teacher in China.

Looking forward to tackling more home DIY projects and playing in the garden when I return home in July, 2011!



hallway before and after

This hallway project got dragged out for a little longer than I would normally like, but I am quite happy with the results. I went back to using the RONA (sico) brand of paint for the walls and some lime green General Paint for the inside of the closet and frame around the door window. The best thing about this hallway is that the new items we installed (retro light fixture and the stainless door knobs) all came from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

Once again, I am amazed by the power a new coat of paint has to liven a space up, even if it is just a hallway! It is all about loving the space you are in!


not the prettiest hallway before...

looking better after...














ugly hallyway before

after! Still need the finishing touches like mirror, pictures etc...but you get the idea!


Bunnies: A nice addition to anyones home!

The Woodspeed’s have bunnies!!

We have had them since early December 2010 after we adopted them from the Victoria, BC SPCA. My bunnies (Honey and Dumpling) were rescued by a man who found them by Shelbourne rd (not too far from the bunny capital of the world, the University of Victoria campus). He was kind enough to drop them off at the SPCA and in turn they found their way into my arms/basement 🙂

Here are a few pics to show you the space I created for them and some cute pictures of these adorable creatures:

The space for the bunnies "before"

The space for the bunny home "after"

How could I NOT take these girls home??

Kitchen knobs

Here is where a few of my pretty painted knobs have gone…

This kitchen will be getting a serious face lift over the next year and you will see what I plan to do with all the other antique and reasonably priced knobs I have purchased over the last month!

A visit to Langford!

Lately Mr. S and I have taken to watching American Pickers a show where two guys drive around the states finding neat old places to pick through antiques and then they sell to buyers at significantly higher prices. The show is fun and got me in the mood this week to do some picking of my own, out in Langford!

With this sort of “picking” on my mind I was very keen to check out: Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore (habitat restore victoria website) and General Salvage Antiques (map of GS). Both these stores provided me with lots of joy, but more importantly visiting these stores gave me a better sense of where Victoria residents and other big box stores in and around the island choose to recycle their unwanted and/or used hardware.

Here are a couple of my finds from General Salvage!

General Salvage is divided into two levels: top level is high end antique furniture which I can not afford right now, but enjoyed taking pictures of, the basement is all the less expensive knickknacks and practical home hardware. That is where I ended up purchasing knobs and light fixtures for under $35!



this is where the true picking began - outside, under the tent, in the wind and rain!